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Some quick facts about Eagle Nest Dam and Lake
  • Construction began the fall of 1916 and completed by spring of 1918.
  • Although the original plans specified 140 feet high, it is actually only 124 ft high. The dam has a 400 ft. arch length
  • The official completion date was June 30, 1918.
  • A 1-cubic yard cement mixer powered by a gasoline motor mixed the 22,500 and 23,000 cubic yards of cement contained in the Dam.
  • The cement mixer was manually loaded and unloaded.
  • The cement was dumped into place using wheel barrows.
  • The cement has no reinforcing steel.
  • Other than a stream powered crane, numerous workers from surrounding communities provided all the labor.
  • Highway 64, which runs through Cimarron Canyon, was re-routed in order to utilize the two natural granite side walls that encase the dam.
  • Water from mountain snowmelt is impounded in the 1,500 acre, five mile long Eagle Nest Lake.
  • Eagle Nest Lake opened in 1920 and is home to trophy fishing habitat for Rainbow Trout, Salmon, Northern Pike, and Perch.
  • In 2002 Eagle Nest Lake was purchased by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, and in 2004 New Mexico State Parks Division acquired 851 acres now known as Eagle Nest Lake State Park.

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